Do you like songs about toothpaste and round pickled eggs? That's bloody weird. Never mind, so do I. You're in a safe place now where no one can harm or judge you. Take you shoes off and relax but please leave your trouser on. Many thanks.

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The Great British Masoff (with David Goo)

Elliot Mason's Open Toed Sandwich - Live at The Bedford, Balham

Remembering the elliot mason show caption

A fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary about one of the most enduring sketch shows of all time - Russ Abbot's Madhouse, I mean The Elliot Mason Show.

The Toothpaste Song label

Here's a video of me playing with myself (SFW) 100% live apart from the pre-programmed drums

Little Baby Jesus

How To Make A Successful Shopping List

The Three Stages Of A Contemporary Musician

(with David Goo)

Here's an interview I did about songwriting and that...

The hits
The day they turned label
Someone Else label
The roundest pickled label
Doors label
The toothpaste song - animation label
I taped the wrong label
CDs for sale label

Wow, what a bargain!

I think I might buy two or three!

Yes me too!

And me!

The Day They Turned Jif To Cif (2010)

Debut album reissue with lovely new packaging.

Life is like a movie (2015)

Second album full of more crazy crap!

Your Basket

Your shopping basket is empty?! I mean, what?
Any other business label

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