The Elliot Mason Show
EMS ep 6 label

The return of the unmuch-loved Elliot Mason Show after a 3 years absence. Elliot struggles to find an audience for his sketch show but finds new hope with the help of a man called Dwight.

Remembering the elliot mason show caption

A fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary about one of the most enduring sketch shows of all time - Russ Abbot's Madhouse, I mean The Elliot Mason Show.

EMS ep 5 label

This episode features the songs "The Roundest Pickled Egg", "Crisps" and "Follow Me On Twitter", Tony Trickster plays another hilarious prank, and an unconvincing Scottish man tells a classic joke about a dry cleaner.

EMS ep 4 label

This episode features the songs "What did I do with my thing?", "I've got a cold", "Roaming round the wreckage" and "I taped the wrong side", advice on how to make the perfect bowl of soup and how to ring your own doorbell without leaving your house.

Ems ep 3 label

This episode features the songs "Life is like a movie", "Me father was a peaceful man" and "My Ford Mondeo", Tony Trickster plays one of his hilarious pranks on an unsuspecting member of the public, and Barbara Dickson & Elaine Paige pop in to offer their celebrity endorsement.

EMS ep 2 label

This episode features the songs "My life is wonderful", "The thumb just came off my left marigold" and "Cecil", my new game-show "What's my vegetable?" and if you listen carefully there's a chance you could win a big cash prize! Good luck!

EMS ep 1 label

Hello and welcome to my new interweb show. This episode features the songs "Hey", "A Million Pounds" and "The Sea", advice on how to make the best cheese on toast and a special guest appearance by Jabba the Hutt. Hope you don't not enjoy it!